BlackDivision stands for something bigger than just an artistic band. This whole thing about metal and playing in the band, turning from the distorted and heavy sounds to more organic, friendly and real sounds in music industry is a just a part of the process of what really our BlackDivision is. It's a way of life, it's a ideology of life that makes you different to others.

The model of BlackDivision's music can be found somewhere in between the dim extreme metal sub genres, but is combined with dynamics of patent foolish popular music. The band's representative musical direction can be associated with Electro-Synth Metal, Rock and natural Pop, in turn letting us to create our own recognizable style.

Band members
Alex Pierce - Vocals, Guitars
Jessie James - Guitars
Casey Jones - Bass 
John Smith - Shredding Synthesizer
Raoul Duke - Drums & Percussion

"Under the Influence" (DEMO 2008)
"Daze & Delusion" (DEMO 2010)
"Daze & Delusion/Not-So-Special-Edition" (DEMO 2012)
"BlackDivision" (EP 2014)